The Enchanted Archipelago

The Scilly Isles

The Scilly Isles are the United Kingdom’s most southerly point , with a population of under 3,000 people the isles are are an area unspoilt natural beauty.

Once you arrive you will feel instantly you have stepped back in time. The isles are isolated & small, but there is a strong sense of community spirit and welcoming smile on every corner.

You can begin your journey to the Scilly Isles by either jumping on a short flight from either Newquay, Lands End or Exeter airport. Alternatively you can take the Scillonian Ferry from Penzance, which takes around 3 hours. Your travel experience to the isles is very much part of the experience, so it’s well worth planning ahead. Many visitors travel to the islands via plane and return by ferry or vice versa. Also in March 2020 a new helicopter service launched, with flights direct to the Scilly Isles from Penzance.

There is something in this small corner of the British Isles for everyone. Bask in the sunshine of mile upon mile of golden sandy beaches & stunning turquoise sea’s or seek out and discover old shipwrecks & ancient historical sites. One thing is guaranteed for every visitor, the Enchanted Archipelago will give you lifetime of memories.