Cornwall Air Ambulance

With the summer months approaching, it is important to recognise one of the most vital emergency services in Cornwall. The Cornwall Air Ambulance.

Cornwall Air Ambulance is a critical medical service that provides emergency air transport. Mostly to critically injured patients throughout the county. The Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust, a registered charity. Operates the air ambulance service, which is funded entirely by public donations. With its highly trained medical staff and state of the art equipment. The Cornwall Air Ambulance plays a pivotal role in providing rapid response emergency medical care, to those who need it most.

Cornwall Air Ambulance has 2 helicopters, both of which are fitted out with cutting edge medical technology. The aircraft are staffed by highly experienced paramedics and doctors. The helicopters are stationed at Cornwall Airport, Newquay. They can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The service covers around 1000 square miles. It can reach any spot in the county of Cornwall within 20 minutes.

Cornwall Air Ambulance

cornwall air ambulance

Cornwall Air Ambulance provides emergency medical assistance to individuals who require immediate help. This could include people who have been in a catastrophic vehicle accident, had a cardiac arrest or serious injury in a recreational activity. Critically sick patients who need to be transferred between hospitals, can also benefit from the air ambulance.

Cornwall Air Ambulance is exclusively supported by charitable contributions and receives no government assistance. Every year, the charity relies on the generosity of the public to generate the £4.5 million a year that is required to keep the service going. The charity organisation has a dedicated fundraising staff team. They organise a variety of events and activities to raise funds for the service. The organisation also operates a number of stores right throughout the county. Where anyone who visits can contribute items to be sold. Or buy some of the products on sale, to help fund the air ambulance.